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Learning Is Only A Click Away Even If You Can’t Get To School You Can Still Get On The Internet

Peter Legrove will now talk about how to use the internet to get an education even if you are physically and learning disabled. The internet and internet education have opened up a brave new world where the slum kids of Calcutta, and wheel chair bound persons, are competing with university educated young adults. All on a level playing field. It is up to you the individual to make a difference in your life. And you can with an internet connected computer. The “Hole in the Wall Project” showed that slum kids can teach themselves English with no teachers, no classrooms and no textbooks. So that means you can too.

If you are physically able to use a computer and a keyboard then education is yours for the asking. Being disabled should not stop you from getting an education. There is a whole world out there in cyberspace that wants to teach you. Admittedly money could be a problem depending on which country you live in and your government programs. You should pick a subject that you like and most importantly a subject you can do with your disability. Don’t try and limit yourself and don’t say you can’t do it before you even try. But with the internet you have to be able to write, so that means sitting on a keyboard, and typing the day away and thinking about what to write. If you can do that you’ll be set up for life. The internet is still text on a page and to put it there you have to type. Video seems to be catching up fast but I don’t think it will surpass the written word. Because you can read faster, a lot faster that watching a video. When I listen to podcasts or educational videos, I use vlc video player and I set the speed at 1.5 or 1.6 times, so I can speed listen and that way it doesn’t take so much time.

If nothing else write a book. If you can write a book and sell it then you will have an income. You should first look at how to sell a book because that is the hard part. On the internet there is heaps of free stuff, but you have to work out yourself what is good and what is a waste of time. Very hard to do. Writing a book is the easy part. Selling it is when the problems arise so that is what you have to learn. But it is a good experience. Anyway nearly everything is free on the internet. I use for my website and with their website builder you can easily make beautiful websites like and it costs you nothing.

Also I am into teaching so is the place to go. You can set yourself up and meet in to teach. It is an amazing place. I went to an inworld teaching conference and there were avatars everywhere. In secondlife avatars are real people so when you see an avatar there is a real person there. If you want to set up a shop or a place to teach on secondlife you will have to pay something but if you just meet in secondlife it is free. I’ve been on secondlife for years now and it has always been free.


The internet is the future and education on the internet is the future. So become part of the future by learning what you want to be, from the internet and setting yourself up on the internet. The best skill I learned on the internet was and now I have set myself up and am trying to get ahead It takes time but it is worth it. So have a go. Get on the internet and see what you can find. On the internet you will find something you can do. You don’t need to work for the man, you can now work for yourself.

The internet is information. You can learn anything you want from the internet. Everything you have wanted to know is only a click away. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask. As they say in the Bible, “Ask and you shall receive.” There are many places to ask, just a click away, like the new site, or the old site, or just plain old There is somebody out there in cyberspace who knows the answer, you just have to ask. Or find a related forum or blog and drop the question. People love helping others and there are some beautiful people out there.
To add more colour to you CV or resume start doing MOOCs. MOOCs are mini courses set up from some of the world’s most famous universities. And they are excellent. I use for all my MOOC needs. There are other MOOC suppliers out there in cyberspace but I like coursera. I have passed the learning curve, so I can get things done with their interface. Just google MOOCs and see what comes up, then pick one that is about ready to start and have a go. Go for the “Certification of Completion with Distinction” and put it up on your CV. A word of warning they can be addictive, but it is better to be addicted to MOOCs than being addicted to MOGs. In my view MOOCs are the future. They seem to have taken on a life off their own, so expect them to be around a bit longer. Anyway check them out and give one a go, they could transform your future.

After you have added to your online CV and or portfolio, you are in the marketplace for work. Set up a profile on Linkedin then head over to Elance and start looking for work. Except on Elance you have to quote for the jobs. There are jobs out there that only require a keyboard and an internet computer and skills and that is it. They don’t even want to know what you look like, or where you live. All they want is the completed task, and if you do it well they will ask for more. But first you need to upgrade your skills, learn to speed type and speed read then cyberspace is yours for the asking.
At the moment we are catching up fast with the future, so be a part of the future.

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