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Time to introduce your kids to caveman kids

Home was a beautiful place, around the cave everything was green

A long time ago before planes and trains and before buses and bicycles. Even before we rode horses. During a time when everybody walked, “Rock Thrower” and his older sister “Little Leaf” lived with their family in a cave. Their home was on the side of a hill overlooking their beautiful valley.

In their little family there was Grandpa and Grandma along with three uncles and two aunties. There were many little children with their own mothers and fathers. It was a big happy family all living together in the safety of the smoke blackened cave.
Rock Thrower and Little Leaf’s mother and father loved the cave and everybody in it and they somehow managed to keep everybody happy.

Home was a beautiful place, around the cave everything was green. The sky above was a deep rich blue and at night the whole sky was pinpointed with endless lights. It was beautiful to sit outside at night around the fire just looking up at the heavens.

Life was good, there was plenty of food but they had to find the berries and bird’s eggs. They followed the bees to the sweet juicy honey high in the tree. That was the easy part, now the fun part began. Only the grown-ups would get the honey. And then there was lots of laughter when somebody got stung and started jumping around the place. They all loved the honey, it was a welcome treat.

Life in the spring, summer and autumn was good. Especially autumn when there were many fruits and berries to eat. But the good days soon gave way to the cool days of late autumn. Then out came the old hides that were hung over the cave mouth to keep out the cold and now home was a cozy cave.

Check out this audio to let your kids find out about what life was like when home was a cave on the edge of a cliff
All the best teaching your children
Teacher Peter

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