The Internet and Me

I’ve been apart of this internet thing for as long as I can remember. I started out on computers before Win98 and the first modem I got was a, I think, 28 and I upgraded to 33 I think, and I thought the world has just got incredible fast. Then I think we went to 56.

I not sure, some people would say Alzheimer’s was setting in, but I just read on the internet this morning, that old people are slow because they have a lot of memories they have to sift through, to get to what they are looking for, and I’m going back a few years.

I think I was the first person in my apartment block to have internet, as I was the only apartment to get a bill from the internet company. But that all changed. Fast. Anyway when my win98 clapped out from old age I upgraded to xp and I’m still using it.

I still tell the younger generation about a scene from “Scary Movie 3” when Cindy types in a name into the search box, and then pop, pop, pop the whole screen is full of advertisements popups. They don’t believe me. That is what the internet was like in the good old days. It has changed a lot since then.

Thinking back to my internet days I can’t remember when I started these things and I could probably look them up on the internet but why. I checked out secondlife back when my kid was 3 and now she is 17 so it has been a few years. And I still potter round on secondlife on Sundays when I go to church.

It’s a good life. Most things kids take for granted we were at the forefront. My niece was utterly amazed that I was on facebook before her as her dad, my brother is a bit slow when it comes to tech.

One of the saddest days of my internet life was when they shut down the alternative health forum I belonged too. I never met any of the people on the forum, but they were my friends. We had some great chats then. To date, nothing has replaced that in my life.

Another memorable internet moment was when I was teaching English in China and I was on my favorite online game, and it come up in the chat box ‘Bad earthquake in China’ I said ‘I was in China and I knew nothing’ there was nothing on the news sites. The game nearly came to standstill as people were trying to find out what was going on, there were condolences in the chat box. We knew it was bad, very bad as a few of the gamers were on site, but we never knew it was that terrible. Then it was back to the game.

The internet was the future and I wanted to be a part of it. Next it was time to have a go at online education. I did my Graduate Diploma online, took a couple of years but I finished it. Now that is the way of the future of education, now I am into MOOCs instead of MOGs.

Before SARS circled the globe I checked the internet typing in all the symptoms and the only thing that came up was a bioweapon. I was a bit worried. But that what the internet was all about, instant information and I loved it.

The first book I brought off was a disaster. They sent the wrong book. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not, but I do have my suspicions. It was one of the subsidiaries that sell on Amazon, and they sent me a way out of date book by the same author. I was really pissed off to say the least as I wanted that book. One of the pitfalls of buying on the internet is, it costs more than the book is worth to post it back. I still haven’t brought that book.

Here is a snippet of what I have on the internet
I’ve had a website for years,
tried my own TV channel on,
have a avatar,
profile pages on and,
put videos up on and,
even set up an internet business,
published books on and,
put up pdfs to to read free online,
articles to and,
and that doesn’t include the things I’ve forgotten about.
Just to find out what is about me on the internet, my internet footprint, I google my name and all the other log in names I can remember.

And to top it off I went to my mum’s funeral on skype. I was sitting there behind my screen, ten hours by plane away, in a tie and shorts watching the funeral procession. Even at the wake I saw mum lying there peacefully. That was a first for a lot of people. Even the funeral director said it was a first. But that is the future.  The internet has kept the family together, skyping around the globe and sending emails faster than the eye can see.

But I am getting left behind now. Before I was ahead of the curve but now the curve has overtaken me. I still use tech I am comfortable with. I haven’t updated, I’m still using xp.  Now I use open office and kampozer instead of microsoft office.  When this computer claps out I’ll upgrade, right how there is no need too.

To check me out go to my website or just google me.

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