Prepare Your Children For The Future NOW


The future of education, as well as nearly everything we do is changing, and to be a part of the change your children need to be internet savvy. And one of the best ways to be internet savvy, is to let your children get onto the internet as young as they can. Then when they go onto school, university and beyond they will be prepared for the future. The alternative is quite simple, they will be overtaken by the children who have been brought up on the internet.
Let the internet be the teacher. Show your children how to search the internet to find what they are looking for., and whatever the internet can provide, will be the teacher. Then if you want more, find it on search. And if you can’t find it, put it on the internet yourself, and you can become the teacher to any child who wants to learn.
That is the future of education, where anybody and everybody can be the teacher, and the internet is the classroom.
The world is changing so fast it is nearly impossible to keep up. The internet is changing life as we know it. Your children are growing up in a Brave New World. And we the parents and your children’s teacher are just not keeping up. Everything your children will learn at school, is available at the click of a mouse, or just a touch on a screen. But are they learning how to click a mouse or touch a screen. Are we really teaching them, what they need to know to survive the future.
To survive the future your children need to know how to read and read fast. At the moment we are still teaching them to read. If they are learning phonics, so much the better. But can they understand what they are reading. Reading comprehension is the key to the internet. Nearly everything your children will do on the internet, will have something to do with reading, understanding what they are reading and typing something.
You have all this information at your fingertips. And the internet is information, but your children have to read and understand to make use of it. Also to survive the future, your children have to be able to find the information they are looking for on the internet. And that means SEARCH. They must know how to search the internet to get the information they are looking for.
These are the skills for the future. Are your children learning them? If your children can master these skills, they can find and understand everything they want to know. Everything else at school is just a click away. But your children can learn these two skills by themselves on the internet. There are learn to read programs on the internet. And you can search to find out how to search the internet.
The Internet is changing everything we know.

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