The First Teaching You Do Is A Demo Class


Teaching Kids whether kindergarten or primary school in China is a wonderful experience. So start your working life after you leave university by going to China to teach kids. Or for that matter you can go at any age or anytime you need a change. Getting a job is really no problem, whether you get one before you leave your home country or after you arrive. Check out my book about getting a teaching job in China, and you will see how easy it is.
Now when you go for a job the first thing you have to do is a free demo class. You are put in front of a class and you teach it with a few teachers and administrators watching. So be prepared. If your demo class is good they expect all your classes to be similar.
Some demo classes are daunting. I don’t know if that is deliberate, or the school just wants to see what you can do. In some cases you are doing a demo in front of nearly the whole school. In some out of the way places that will happen, especially if you are volunteering and end up in a village. You could end up doing a demo in the village square, with the whole village watching.
I’ve had to do demo classes in a park with whoever wants to watch, watching. Quite embarrassing to say the least, but you have to soldier on.
It might be an idea to upgrade your public speaking skills. As I have had to do demo classes in lecture halls in front of around 1000 parents, teachers and whoever just dropped in. In one primary school they put me in the multimedia classroom and gave me a microphone. All I had was an overhead projector and a whiteboard. In front of me there were all the students from grade one, about 500 of them, sitting in their class groups. So expect the unexpected. For this class I used flashcards. The whiteboard was no good, because the pens where not dark enough, and the kids were too young to read. I used class groupings and the class turned out excellent. The students loved me, and that is what you want.

For more information about teaching in China click here.

Peter Legrove spends most of his time in front of a mixed bunch of kids trying to instill in them some semblance of the road to survive the future.

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All the best teaching in China

Teacher Peter

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  1. 1

    Patricia Dorsey said,

    Excellent article, Peter. I have an adventuresome personality and, if I were much younger, I’d do this like you have. I think I would have been overwhelmed by the 500 1st graders, though. LOL

  2. 2

    plegrove said,

    Thanks for the comment – Being surrounded by 500 1st graders was more than a bit daunting to say the least but it turned out OK. If you want to teach overseas ask EF if they have any summer work available. This way it is only a short stint but they are full on. Three months max if that. The summer camps i’ve done were amazing, all day surrounded by kids, best summers i’ve ever had. I always look forward to summer camps. I still might head into Asia this summer, I’m keeping a close eye on the jobs.
    Here is a pdf copy of my book about getting a job teaching ESL in China
    Have a read and see what you think then put up a customer review here on amazon

  3. 3

    Patricia Dorsey said,

    Peter, thanks for the information, but I’m retired and “older,” and need to stay home in the States. That’s why I so enjoy working for EF. I wish you well and will continue to read your blog.

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