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Teaching English In China

Peter Legrove has nearly finished his new book taken from his experiences of teaching English in China. He recommends after you or your children finish university spend some time teaching English overseas. It is a great experience and you might learn the language of the future.

Teaching English As A Second Language In China

China is screaming out for English teachers. Just go to any of the teach English job sites and you will see so many jobs you will be paralyzed. Go to Dave’s ESL cafe at and see what you can find. There are many job sites like, but here they would like you to study for there ESL teaching certificate, but you don’t need really need one. No one ever asked to see my certificates.

After you get to China this is the job site to use, This is the job site for getting jobs once you are in China. If you just want to find out about life in China have a look there. Also try out this website and do the online CV so your CV is up online.

Just remember in China a lot of sites you use everyday are blocked in China. Like youtube and Facebook. But that is not a problem just take an unblocker on your laptop or on a stick. I use- ultrasurf -and that worked extremely well. Anyway someone in China will give you an unblocker. That is not a problem. You have to take the download with you as most unblocker sites are also blocked.

I put my video CV up online on jobteachworld as it is not blocked, whereas most video sites are blocked. But you can put a video up on the Chinese video site like youku and tudou. They are possibly the two most popular sites.

Now for an introduction to China all I can say is ‘Be amazed’. I don’t think anyone outside of Asia has any idea about what you will expect and neither do you. I say “Welcome to the next superpower” because that is where China is heading. The whole place is moving, everywhere you go there are people and lots of them. And they are all enjoying life, spending money, buying things, eating out and what ever.

Get a recent copy of “Lonely Planet China” and follow it until you have a fair idea of what you can do yourself. Landing in China is very daunting, you can’t read the language and you can’t speak it so follow the book. It is chaos to the max.

Japan is very organized, Korea is not crowded but it is a bit of a disaster, until you know what you are doing. At least you can get a seat on the bus and the trains. In China forget it. Standing room only on the buses and trains, you get used to it.

Buses have numbers so as long as you know the bus number you should be able to find your way around. The subway stations are in pinyin so you can read them and it is pretty idiot proof. And a lot of the subway people speak English, or they will find somebody who does. So it is pretty good.

If you start in Hong Kong the shock will not be so great. Hong Kong is an overcrowded place that used to be the Pearl of the Orient but it got left behind as China overtook it. I used to live in Hong Kong but I never go back there now. China is the place. Hong Kong has stayed the same while China just bounded ahead. But you can get acclimatized in HK to the chaos when you go across the border.

Years ago when you went across the border between HK and China you used to go back in time. Now you are going to the future. After you come out of the immigration building, you just stroll to the railway station, about 5 to 10 minutes. Your last quiet stroll in China.

Once you get to the railway station, welcome to China. The lines to the ticket windows can be anything from 20 people to the back wall. Sometimes less than 20 but not very often. When you get to the window just say “Guangzhou” and get your ticket. You need your passport to get a ticket so have it handy. Some windows have an English sign meaning they speak English, so it is pretty straight forward.

The tickets are pretty self explanatory with the train number, your carriage number and the seat number. The trains leave every 15 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes and sometimes 20 minutes. Usually you have to wait for three trains before your train number appears on the screen. Then you follow the crowd, you wont get lost, everybody is getting on the same train. When you are on the platform find your carriage number, climb in and find your seat. Pretty straight forward. You have about 10 minutes to board the train before it takes off. Then you are barreling along at about 160 kms/hour. Not bad for your first hour in China.

For more information about teaching in China click here.

Peter Legrove spends most of his time in front of a mixed bunch of kids trying to instill in them some semblance of the road to survive the future.

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All the best teaching in China
Teacher Peter

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In Most Asian and European Countries Now the Children Learn English

In the growth economies of the world most parents want their children to learn English. And they are prepared to pay cold hard cash for after school and weekend classes even though the children learn English in school. While in the supposedly Developed English speaking world the experts have changed the way children learn to read and now kids are leaving school with below standard reading levels.

They changed the system from a very effective reading method to what we have nowadays. Yet in most foreign countries where English is taught in the classroom, the children are taught English using phonics. It is no wonder the children are leaving school better educated that we are in the west. English is a part of their way of life, and if they want to get ahead in the future they must know English. So children and English go together.

Now when children start to learn English as a second language they usually learn it very early. In Asia that usually means while they are still at kindergarten. Then at school they bring in the phonics in grade 5 when the children are 10 to 11 years old. Which is a good time to start the serious learning of English.

In families where the parents speak different languages you usually find the children struggle at school learning the language that is taught at school. But when they get to high school they are proficient in both languages. It is no wonder that Asian children are some of the best students even though English is not their first language. So it looks like English as a second language and children go together overseas. But here in the English speaking world the powers to be are doing their best try and stop struggling learners learning to read English.

For more information about teaching in China click here.

Peter Legrove spends most of his time in front of a mixed bunch of kids trying to instill in them some semblance of the road to survive the future.

This article is copyright © peter legrove.

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All the best teaching in China

Teacher Peter

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Preparing Schools For The Future

Peter Legrove will be giving a speech to his daughter’s school about the future of education as it could evolve. The internet has changed the world as we know it, but education is a bit slow to change. Just remember the mighty dinosaur was replaced by a rodent the size of a cat. At the moment we do not know what is the dinosaur or what is the cat.

Hello parents, students, teachers, Members of the Board, I’m after a bit of information, thank you.

Has anybody here had anything to do with the Khan Academy, please? Khan spelled K H A N, Thank you, thank you. Has anyone taken part in the Khan Academy, please?
Now, we are at school so you can raise your hands. Thank you, thank you.

Now. What about OpenCourseWare please. Has anyone here had anything to do with opencourseware, like know what it is, or what it does, or have you doen anything from opencourseware. Thank you, thank you.

Now has anyone got any idea what a MOOC is, please. M O O C thank you. Has anybody actually done a MOOC. Thank you.
Raise your hands please we are at school, thank you.

One more thing ‘have you heard of “The Hole in the Wall Project” thank you.

OK thanks.
Now my question to you is. “How can you steer this school into the future, when you do not even know what the present situation in education is?

We are at school now, so for homework preferable this week, but definitely before you make any decisions on the future of this school, google, yahoo, bing or whatever search engine you use.
Khan Academy and watch one of the videos, or better still watch one with your daughter. Khan academy was one of the first threats to the schooling system of today. It started when one person wanted to help his school age relatives to get better at math. And it has now gone around the world. Khan Academy started in 2006.

Next up google MOOCS and find out what they are, then do one or better still, you and your daughters do a different one each. So you know what the present situation in education is. MOOCs are a disruptive technology, that is upsetting the entrenched bureaucracy of the established education industry around the world. MOOCs are changing education as we speak. They are less than three years old. If you do not understand what a Disruptive Technology is, there is a MOOC about it. Do it and find out the future.

Opencourseware is a free online lectures for world class universities around the world, We are talking M.I.T. Yale, Harvard. To be honest Massey is not there.

Now we move onto the “Hole in the Wall Project” An internet connected computer was put in a slum in India to see how the slum kids would react. And they taught themselves English with no teachers, no textbooks and no classroom. They knew English was important so they learned it. The kids taught themselves and each other. Do you know what this means for your daughters? It means your daughters are competing with the slim kids of Calcutta. To find out more, google it. This project was the winner of the TED talks award in 2013. To find out more go to TED talks and listen in on some of the videos, they are usually only 15 minutes long and are very informative.

Your daughters are up against the lifelong learners who learn math from the Khan academy, get qualifications doing MOOCs.

The internet has leveled the playing field in ways you cannot even imagine.

The top 10 most in demand jobs in 2013 did not exist in 2006.

That means life long learning is the future. The jobs your daughters do after they start their working life have not been invented yet. There are two skills your daughters need to survive the future in any profession. Does anybody know what they are? The first one is typing at 60 words a minute plus. Can your daughters type at over 60 words per minute? It looks like video is taking over the future, but the internet is still text on a page. And you have to type to put it there.

The internet is information and to absorb the information you need to survive the future. Your daughters need to be able to read fast and understand what they are reading. Therefore speed reading is part of your daughter’s arsenal for the future. And these two skills you have to learn yourself. Your daughters should start learning these skills now in their spare time, because they will need them.

After the financial crisis of 2007 the world changed. The middle class was destroyed, now the middle class is dead. How does that affect your daughters? Primary school prepared kids for secondary school, secondary school prepared students for university and university prepared young adults for the middle class. Now there is no middle class. If you want to find the middle class you have to go to Asia, Russia, China and India and possible South America. In Europe, America and possible in the Pacific the middle class is dying.

So you can ask, why send your daughters to university, when about half what they learn is obsolete before they graduate. Why let your daughters go into student debt when there is no guarantee of a job. The future is lifelong learning. So what are your daughters going to do. At present university is still on the road to the future and it is still recommended. But for how long.

The system we have in place now does not prepare you for the future. To become a master in your chosen field you need to do 5,000 hours of learning. To become a grand master you need 10,000 hours of learning. So start reading now and doing MOOCs.

The future is Asia. After your daughters graduate from university let them have the option to go to China, Russia, India or possibly South America, to teach English so they can also learn the language. The languages of your daughters generation are Mandarin Chinese, Russian and Spanish, and Portuguese for Brazil.

The future of this school is in the choices you make, but before you make them, google it.
Thank you for your time.
All the best teaching your children
Teacher Peter


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